The Dynamite Circle (“the DC”) is a Private Community For Entrepreneurs

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Who are DCers?

  • DCers are entrepreneurs with established, successful, and legitimate businesses that can be run from anywhere on earth.
  • DCers run all types of businesses. Physical products, SEO, marketing, SaaS, accounting, medical, copywriting, eCommerce, and consulting are just a few of the business areas that they focus on.
  • DCers are interested in spending time, effort and resources to help other members succeed.
  • DCers are internationally focused. We are invested heavily in exploring locations and countries that optimize our business practices, legal structure, and lifestyle possibilities.
  • DCers are people who are about getting it done. We champion discussions that focus on practical solutions to members’ problems and push answers forward.

What do we value?

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We care about people with an abundance mindset who are who are more interested in giving than receiving. We believe that as a community we can help each other reach goals that might not have been possible alone.

Where are we?

All over the globe. Location independence means different things to different people. For some, it’s working from their laptop on the beach. For others, it’s being able to run a business and focus on their family. All types of location independent lifestyles are welcome.

How did it get started?

Way back in January 2011, we launched our first mastermind which included a group of early DCers. From that mastermind call, the same year, we hosted an event in Puerto Galera where people traveled from around the world to discuss the workings of their businesses. For many of us this was a real turning point in our lives and our businesses. We got to meet face to face with other practitioners and learn from their experiences. It was the first time being part of a group that almost instantly bonded over the similar issues and challenges we were facing. We discovered that we weren’t alone.

Since then, we’ve built up a community around this discovery. The DC has grown from a small group of entrepreneurs starting out in the Philippines into a global community of over 1100 location independent business owners building strong businesses.

Why join the DC?


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  • The DC originally began as a small mastermind.
  • The participants gathered once a week to share problems they were having in their business and help each other overcome these challenges. The community has grown since then, but masterminds are still at the core of the DC.
  • As a member of a mastermind, you’ll be a part of a small group (usually 4-5 members) who meet on a regular basis to discuss business progress and hold each other accountable for reaching goals.
  • Masterminds cover a variety of topics of industries and experience levels, so there’s something for someone. Some of the masterminds topics currently being ran include SaaS, E-commerce, marketing, podcasting, crowdfunding, facebook ads, apparel products, productized services, consulting, and membership sites. There are also broader masterminds aimed at business owners with certain levels of revenue or experience.
  • And if you don’t see something you like? You can create your own. We have resources and instructions to help you create and run a successful mastermind. The process is easy to follow and simply involves defining what you want your mastermind to focus on and then sharing that information with the community to see who is interested.
  • Masterminds can run for a finite amount of time, or without an end date in mind. Several masterminds in the DC have been running for over two years now and the members have watched each other’s businesses grow together.
  • Many DCers attribute where they are today to the masterminds they have been part of in the past.


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  • Juntos are another opportunity that you have to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in your local community.
  • Believe it or not, you may be sitting next to a DCer right now. With over 950 members in 56 cities worldwide, there’s a good chance there are other DCers not too far from you. By coming to DC Juntos, you’ll get to know the DCers living in your area.
  • On the third Thursday of every month, DCers in various cities meet up and enjoy each other’s company. Juntos can be hosted at your home, at the local coffee shop, or over beers. Whatever suits the members of your city! The goal is simply to provide meetup opportunities worldwide for permanent residents, and nomadic members who might be passing through town, on a designated day each month.
  • This past year, DCers held juntos at over 20 cities worldwide, across every continent except Antarctica.
  • And what if there’s no Junto in your city? Well you and start one yourself. Any member can host a Junto and it’s a great way to step up and take a lead in connecting the DCers in your area.
  • On top of that, it’s easy. You just pick location, post the information, and show up. These are casual events where you can share a laid back evening with your DC friends.


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  • DCBKK is the biggest event of the year where 250 entrepreneurs from around the world gather in Bangkok for a week.
    • Masterminds– Spend a day with a small group, listening and helping each other overcome business challenges.
    • Breakout Sessions– Join a small group of peers in discussing a specific niche topic, led by an expert on the topic.
    • Keynotes– Listen to some of the most influential DCers share their stories and advice for business success.
    • Meetups– Meet with others working on similar projects as you at a variety of niche-specific events hosted by DCers.

DC Hubs

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  • What’s a hub you ask? It’s a city where a large number of DC members have congregated and formed a tight knit community.   These are places where you can reach out and easily find others to work or socialize with.
  • DCers living in Hubs often chat throughout the day and meet up to work together at coffee shops or co-working spots.
  • Beyond working, they also gather for spontaneous social events or just to eat together.
  • This means hubs are great places to move to if you’re looking for a change of environment but don’t have a network in a city. By living in a hub, you’re able to get off the plane and be connected to the local community quickly. New arrivals to hub cities can get answers to questions about living accommodations, work place recommendations, or anything else that they’re trying to figure out.
  • There are 6 hubs around the world.
    • Austin, TX
    • Berlin
    • Prague
    • Chiang Mai
    • Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City
    • Bangkok

Business Best Practices

  • Find and share best business practices from others in the same niche within our large private forum.

Location Independent Lifestyle Tips

  • Discuss the in’s and out’s of leading a location independent lifestyle while running your business.

Case Studies

  • Learn from the successes and failures of other member’s businesses through in-depth case studies.


  • Travel with other DCers or learn about well worn routes and recommendations.

Media Library

  • Watch speeches and seminars from our exclusive speakers and events.

What do current members say about being in the DC?


“I’ve been part of dozens of online communities over the past 10-15 years and at one stage ran my own community with over 3000 members and I can honestly tell you the DC is definitely a one-of-a-kind.

The mix of people in there with deep business experience across a huge range of industries and the fact that DCers actually care about each other makes it a unique place. Whether its picking up a game changing idea or networking with like-minded people, if you’re running anything that remotely resembles an online business, its definitely worth checking it out.” – Brendan Tully, The Search Engine Shop


“The quality of content, connections, and wisdom I’ve received from the DC far exceed what I pay. Probably to the tune of a triple digit multiple. A big reason I signed up was that it was targeting those who are actually doing something. People who have the lifestyle, and the businesses to show for it.” –  Jon Myers

dannorris“The DC has been a game changer for my business. After failing with my last startup I was 2 weeks away from having to get a job. I launched my new business doing WordPress support and got immediate support from a bunch of great entrepreneurs. 10 months later we are a team of 8 with 230 customers. I’ve met some good people and learned loads about travel and entrepreneurship as well. The DC is the only forum I’m active in. If you can get a referral to get in, then jump on it.”- Dan Norris, WP Curve


“The true hustlers don’t see the value in just writing a blog. They can rake in cash instead and close deals in that time. I am glad that Dan and Ian thought differently and started the DC.” – Chris Dietrich,

dynamitecircle_petershankman“To sit with other entrepreneurs and realize that I’m not the only one who has fears, I’m so happy I could cry.”

Peter Shankman – Author, Angel Investor, HARO Founder, Founder Shankminds


“The Dynamite Circle is the place to be for expat entrepreneurs and location independent founders around the world. The breadth of knowledge and experience is incredible. Members believe in giving at least as much as they get, which makes for a truly unique experience. The fact that I can pop into a city almost anywhere in the world and instantly have connections with other entrepreneurs like me is unbelievably helpful.”

Justin Cooke – Empire Flippers

dynamitecircle_cristinaansbjerg“In the last year I’ve experienced a revolution inside myself. A total change of mindset, lifestyle, and point of view about key concepts in life. The DC has played an important role in that. It has helped to knock down some walls and barriers I had and I’ve found a place where people finally understand my language…and I understand theirs.”  – Cristina Ansbjerg. Business Systems and Processes Consultant

How do I join the DC?

I’d be a good fit but don’t know any members I was referred by a current DC memberI used to be in the DC and want back in
In order to keep up the quality that our members have come to expect of the DC community, we require an application before joining.

You can begin an application by going here.

What are the requirements?

DCers are some of the world’s most influential location independent entrepreneurs.

  • DCers must be the owner, majority stake holder, or founder of a profitable business that 100% supports lifestyle, travel, and living expenses.
  • DCers have a business that brings in over $5000 per month in gross revenue.
  • DCers have a transparent business that provides value to a marketplace and that they are able to share openly with other DCers.
  • DCers are able to provide evidence of business ownership with a URL to their services website, E-store, Portfolio of work, Other online presence, etc.
  • DCers are not supplementing their income through solo-freelance jobs, small one-off niche/affiliate sites, ad-roll revenue, etc.
  • DCers have an abundance mindset, realize that most of the markets we are involved in are not zero-sum, and are willing to share their insights and experience.

The DC is reserved for entrepreneurs already running profitable businesses, who are in bootstrap phase, or who have a focused professional skill-set and a huge entrepreneurial drive. No absolute beginners please. DCers that do ask for feedback from the group pay it forward by researching other people’s problems, providing them with help, and sharing their own personal experience. Essentially– they do what entrepreneurs do– give more than they get.

How does the application process work?

  1. To start an application, begin here.
  2. Complete all three steps of the application (answer the preliminary questions, choose your subscription, and complete your profile).
  3. We will review your application and respond within 24-48 hours.
  4. If you are accepted, you will receive immediate access to the DC community.

What’s the cost?

There are two membership options:

Quarterly: $147/quarter

Annual: $499/year (Save 2 months membership dues)

You can convert from Quarterly from Annual at any time.

What if I’m not qualified or my application isn’t accepted? Can I reapply later?

Yes. Many current DCers joined after taking some time to strengthen their business experience. If you’re not there yet, get there! We get it, we’ve been there. You don’t have to wait 1000 days like we did to find a community, but you have to be willing to do the hard work and build up your business. We can’t wait to welcome someone like you in our ranks.

Who can I contact with questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at

Apply here.

I’d be a good fit but don’t know any members I was referred by a current DC memberI used to be in the DC and want back in

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