TMBA327: For Better or For Worse

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This week’s show is the second of a two part series in which Dan and Ian are speaking with the co-founder of Basecamp and creator of Ruby on Rails – David Heinemeier Hannson.

Today’s episode is about one of the most rewarding, but also potentially most complex, relationships you will ever have: that with your business partner.

You’ll hear about the origins, and development, of David’s collaboration with his co-partner Jason Fried, as well as some of Dan and Ian’s reflections about their longstanding working relationship.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Jason and David met and how their business relationship started. (2:05)
  • Why equity conversations usually have to happen very early in the life cycle of a business. (6:20)
  • How David and Jason handle challenges in their business relationship. (8:00)
  • How the two of them have managed to stay excited about Basecamp by working on other projects. (14:00)
  • DHH’s thoughts on how an entreprenuer can create a new business in 2016. (16:15)

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