TMBA 662: Expanding Education Options For Nomadic Families

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One growing theme in the TMBA community has been the search for increased options for location independent families to provide education for their children. Traditionally it’s been home schooling, international or local schools, and very little in-between. But increasingly parents are coming together to try to create new solutions like pop-up schools, employing tutors and more.

On today’s show teacher and entrepreneur Elliott Zelinskas offers his views on a range of emails and comments we’ve received on this subject, including thoughts about whether the COVID pandemic might have accelerated the drive for change:

“I’m curious about the post COVID situation .. How did that change our world, not about how we think about viruses, but how we think about our lives, our families, our business ..  The power structures got shook up, and I think there’s been this kind of collective reflection on life. And you just don’t really see people going back to normal in terms of their work. And I’m seeing it more with education too”.

There are also some updates from Dan and Ian about Dynamite Jobs, and their thoughts on a recent ‘digital nomad debate’.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Recent changes in the hiring market
  • Cherry picking experiences previously only available to the wealthy
  • Why COVID has shaken up traditional education models
  • ‘Schooling’ options for nomadic families

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