TMBA 103 (LBP93) – The Single Most Important Entrepreneurial Skillset

TMBA 103 (LBP93) – The Single Most Important Entrepreneurial Skillset post image

Ian look like he knows what he’s doing

What good is a location independent lifestyle business if you can’t enjoy it?

Dan & Ian join us from the beach at Badladz Resort in Puerto Galera where they have been adventuring around the shooting range, playing with go-carts on the back roads, cutting deals and hustlin’ connections like a boss, and relaxing/karaokeing with friends in various cities across the Philippines.

Taking a break from pounding the pavement, this week they’re talking about the most important entrepreneurial skillset one can possess. It isn’t a degree or marketing plan or venture capitalist in your back pocket.

It’s all in your head.

We’re talking mindset.

Set against the lull of ocean waves and sea breeze, Dan & Ian break the entrepreneurial mindset down into 4 Basic Points:

    1. Don’t work with assholes
    2. How to handle “free work”
    3. Success time frames
    4. Johnny vs. Jeffie – A tale of two approaches to entrepreneurship and advice

Listener Question:

Benjamin from vLighthouse asks: A year ago, I started building a SaaS application in hopes of one day quitting my job.  Problem is — I put up a front-facing website and made a cool video, AND… nothing.  This is a huge fear of mine — that nobody wants it and a year’s worth of writing code late at night (after working a job I hate) is for naught. How were you able to overcome challenges like this?  To do everything yourself, from writing code, to marketing, to whatever else is necessary.


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

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Episode length: 33:43


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Published on 03.08.12

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