TMBA 116 (LBP105) – The Entrepreneur’s DNA Checklist

This week Dan and Ian are dreaming of Ferraris. A slight departure from their regular dreams of Porsches and BMW’s.

Ian might even by considering taking up a bartending job to bootstrap his new ride. Maybe he can get a gig working a portable bar somewhere?

Mostly they are planning the shenanigans set to transpire when they are both on the same continent (in the same place even!) later this month at Badladz Resort in the Philippines.

In this episode Dan & Ian once again get such a humdinger of a question that it’s a full serving of meat & potatoes to chat about!

Dave (who is dreaming big in Japan asks: I’ve toyed with “make money online” stuff for a while, but now I realise that I haven’t been serious. I want to get serious. So: given resources of basically zero dollars, and 25 hours a week to spare, what ideas would you suggest to start earning $500-1000 a month asap and go from there. I’m not looking for a blueprint or a sure thing, but some lateral thinking or just your perspective.

Well Dave, better than a blueprint we’ll give you and our listeners a full checklist for lateral thinking.

What Should Your Entrepreneur’s DNA Checklist Include?

¤ Skills – What do you do well that you can offer the world?
¤ High Friction Relationships – Are you building connections that matter and last?
¤ Producer vs. Consumer – Successful entrepreneurs produce more than they consume
¤ Listening – It’s more than just nodding your head
¤ Head Under Water Intensity – You gotta WANT it
¤ Seeing The Ferrari – Do you want to make a few thousand a month and get by or do you want the Ferrari?
¤ Don’t Sell Out – Do you believe in what you are doing?

Tanya and Andrew of MTB listening to LBP from LP to VV April 2012


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Episode length: 35:55


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