TMBA 135 (LBP118) – 5 No-Time Products And Questions From The Silent Majority

Dan and Ian spent the past week working diligently to poll the LBP audience and find the deepest darkest unasked listener questions.

Or they sent a Tweet before the show started.

We leave it up to you to decide what really happened.

Either way, they ended up with some great questions and requests for advice from the LBP community, many of which were from listeners they’d never heard from before. Which made Dan grin, cause he loves you silent majority folks.

Listener Questions

    • From Maciej Godlewski – You guys rock and have inspired me to take my future into my own hands. As a thank you, I think I came across an NPR podcast, Planet Money. They recently did a story on setting up offshore corporations 

    • From Joel Broek – Long time listener here and part of the silent majority! My dad owns Providence Video Productions and back like 5-10 years ago he was absolutely killing it but is having a tough time transitioning to current technology and adapting to his market.  How do older businesses adapt to current market needs.
    • From Joseph Feliciano – Design and its effect on income. Does it effect postevely and or negatively in business? Can it make a huge impact on your business?


    • From Chris Trynkiewicz – Any tips for being a pioneer in a niche or with a brand new type of product, other than don’t do it?


Listener Feedback
    • From Gal – About 6 months ago I got interested in making a living online. Way back then (it seems like long ago) I read your posts, and just didn’t get them. I choose to follow other bloggers who make earning money online sound much easier, and did 2 things (one great, one dumb):
      • Great: I got my hands dirty and opened a website (
      • Dumb: I paid zero attention to any true business principle



Just The Tips

  • Ian’s Hipster Hack – Hemp Hearts
  • JayZ – Thank You

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Episode length: 26:04


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