TMBA 142 (LBP126) – Gaming Google Search Results – What’s Working and What’s Getting Killed

After the first annual Dynamite Circle DCBKK Conference in Bangkok, Dan and Ian blew it out Bangkok-style. But first, they sat down with SEO guru Travis Jamison from Smash Digital to discuss some of the latest Google algorithm updates and how Travis is adjusting.

DCers are getting value bombs dropped on them at the first annual DCBKK in Bangkok

Lots of site owners have been left scrambling after the Google Penguin updates and refereshes over the past
months, not to mention the Exact Match Domain update that rolled out a few weeks ago. While the rest of the world screams “SEO is Dead,” Travis reveals how he’s still crushing it with top rankings.

Advanced SEO Tactics for Gaming Google Post-Penguin

  • How to build links so they slip through the Google algorithm spam filter
  • What types of tactics are gone for good
  • Likely targets for the next Google algorithm update (but that are still working)
  • The SEO quick-wins you can see results from right away
  • How to recover the link juice from your penguinized sites and filter it for killer SEO power


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Edit: Check out the newer episode with Travis Jamison here.

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Episode length: 34:25


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