TMBA 152 (LBP131) – The Rule of 6 – And the 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

It’s getting late in the year and we all know what that means: Buck season. While Ian is stalking the big bucks back in San Diego, Dan’s writing binge in Bali continues.

Content Marketing is a hot topic in the internet marketing world right now, but what does content marketing really mean? Dan and Ian define what great content really is and show how you can use the Rule of 6 to spring load your content marketing efforts.

The Rule of 6 – And the 10 Commandments of Content Marketing

  • “Systematic Visibility” – The 2013 SEO Strategy that will dominate the SERPs.
  • Why the affiliate model is being overtaken by the old-fashioned handshake model.
  • Why you should become the mini-New York Times of your niche.
  • Karmas for real – The baller/giving correlation.
  • Use thought frameworks to create a passionate audience and expand your brand.
  • Are you informing your audience or leading them?
  • Say something new, but respect those that laid the groundwork.
  • Why Dan would rather listen to a drunk blogger.
  • Tell a story with your content.
  • Show leadership by proving perspective.


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Episode length: 31:37


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