TMBA 176 (LBP147) – Trade Shows and Low Blows

Dan and Ian hook up from opposite sides of the world this week to bring you some down to earth advice in a cloud based time.  Dan is hammering away in Ho Chi Minh City while Ian is getting things done on the ground in Las Vegas.

Though we’re not sure what Ian spent his time doing after the show, the day hours were spent representing their portable bar products and doing a little industry research at the trade show.  In this week’s episode, Dan interviews Ian on the old fashioned, hittin’ the bricks style of marketing he used at the trade show and why these industry shows can be incredibly profitable ventures for you as an internet entrepreneur.

Old School Face to Face Marketing

  • How to test whether a trade show is worth the investment and reap nearly the same benefits for free.
  • Ian’s borrowed but highly effective method for cold approaching prospects and potential clients.
  • The two step business card trick that keeps you fresh in your prospect’s mind.
  • Why using the olive branch approach with your competition can pay dividends down the road.
  • How to capitalize on in person events to catch competitors and prospects in a more relaxed and agreeable state.


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Episode length: 20:13

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