TMBA 188 (LBP156) – George Washington’s Guide to Being The Boss

Dan and Ian switch things up a bit this week to present the life principles of an American icon and “The greatest and best of men”, George Washington.  The fellas talk you through his principled and altruistic standards and how they can directly apply to both your personal and professional life.

Not only did this man lead a rag-tag army up against the most dominant military force in the world and win, he also conducted himself in accordance with his principles and his mission.  You will undoubtedly be examining both your motivations and interactions more closely after listening to this week’s episode.

Be Not Tedious in Discourse

  • The importance of choosing your inner circle wisely and loving them deeply.
  • Why you should take great care in your correspondence, and craft your communications purposefully.
  • How consistently working under a higher principle and upholding virtue will pay off in the long run.
  • Being decisive in dealing with destructive rivals and why it’s your duty to vanquish them.
  • How throwing a party can be immensely helpful to both your business and personal endeavors.



Just The Tips

  • Offline Google Docs Rocks!  Seamless syncing between online and offline
The Jam


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Episode length: 21:11

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