TMBA 019 (LBP19) – Season 2 is Here – 8 Business Principles We Wish We Knew Before Starting Our Business

Hiya podcast listeners, thanks for dropping by our site. Ian and I are currently on a goal-setting retreat in Krabi province, Thailand. On Saturday we are going to the famous (infamous?) Koh Phi Phi to have a blast, but for now we are busy setting goals and working on some big projects for 2010.

Here on the podcast we’ve committed to producing at least 1 new episode every week. We’ll focus a lot more on content and try to step up our level of professionalism and usefulness. On your end, we hope our rapidly growing community will continue to weight in to the conversation by sharing with us your tips, your sticking points, and letting us know the specific ways we can help you grow your businesses (or get them off the ground!).

We’d love to get to the 1,000 listener point sometime within the next 8-12 weeks, we hope you’ll continue to share the show with your like-minded friends.

In this episode we are sharing 8 business principles we wish we would have known before we got our business off the ground. As we pulled the list together, we realized these principles are all things we need to constantly be reminding ourselves as well, so we hope it can be helpful no matter what stage you are at in the entrepreneurial journey.

Listen to Episode #19.

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We hope you enjoy the new season of episodes, and happy new year to you and your family!

Listen to Episode #19.