TMBA365: Estonian E-Residency: Is It For You?

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On today’s show, Dan and Ian are taking a look at one specific country – Estonia. It’s a nation that, until this point, our hosts had very little knowledge of.

Why is it of interest to entrepreneurs? Well, Estonia is a country that has started behaving like a startup.  It has even begun offering services specifically designed for location-independent business owners, particularly something called an “E-Residency”.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Estonian E-Resident Joel Runyon. Joel is the man behind the fitness and mindset blog, The Blog of Impossible Things. You’ll also hear from Estonia’s Chief Information Officer, Taavi Kotka. The two share their insights on how E-Residency could pave the path for the future of how nations, citizens and those seeking location independence interact.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How much it costs to establish an E-Residency in Estonia (4:46)
  • What kind of results Estonia has seen from the E-Residency program. (14:24)
  • Why the Estonian government decided to establish this program. (16:15)
  • How the Estonian public feels about E-Residency. (21:10)
  • Taavi’s vision for the future of digital residency. (34:51)

Mentioned in the episode:

Joel Runyon's Estonian digital residency card.

Joel Runyon’s Estonian digital residency card.

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