TMBA 132 (LBP115) – The Most Expensive (But Profitable) Marketing Strategy In Your Arsenal

Dan and Ian and the folks in the August TMBA session have made it through 40 days and nights of rain and wind in Puerto Galera.

Ok, it’s more like 7 days, but 40 sounds way more intense.

With all these businesses working on taking their businesses to the next level, marketing is a key piece of the conversation. Yet there’s so many options when you are setting up your marketing strategy. Some are quick and dirty, some are putting in for some long ball.

How do you choose?

Dan and Ian went back to their notebooks and online archives (thank you GMail!) and sorted through to find the most profitable marketing strategy they had ever implemented. Only problem? It’s also their most expensive.

But when you’re a serious lifestyle business baller, you realize that sometimes you’ve gotta make the investment of resources to get the explosion of customers.

What Is The Most Expensive (But Profitable) Marketing Strategy In Your Arsenal?

 The importance of a body of workExamples: portfolio, group of satisfied customers who have a platform, consistent blog, podacst, or video track record. 

Part 1 – Importance Of A Body Of Work?

  1. People don’t care or know about what you do – you have to make it legible and repeat yourself 100 times
  2. People can’t share your idea unless they are clear what your idea is
  3. People are gonna look at what you’ve done in the past and know you can do it in the future
  4. You can’t innovate an industry if you’re just flirting and showing up for the cocktail hour
Part 2 – 4 “Quick” Strategies For Creating A Body Of Work
  1. Do the work in front of them
  2. Inventory your market’s anxieties then jam on them
  3. Provide commentary and insight on work that already exists
  4. Actually do the work
    1. Have emotional grit. Be a badass dedicated to serving others.
    2. Focus. Too many people are scared to focus and commit.

Listener Questions

  • I recently filed my LLC and now I have a decision to make. I have to decide whether to keep my accounting books on the ‘cash basis’ or the ‘accrual basis’. Would you mind sharing what you did with your first LLC or what you would do now if you could do it over? – Robert Berchtold (
  • Any tips for how to make a lifestyle business work if you have wife and kids?  Risks aren’t a problem when you’re single or even with a wife who is like-minded. But quitting a job with benefits and moving everyone to Davao doesn’t seem like a good idea… or does it? – Rick Fernandez (Creativeblox Design Studio)


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Episode length: 24:17


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