TMBA 126 (TTR14) – 5 Ways to Produce Expert Level Content (Even If You Aren’t an Expert)

Hey there weekend warriors!  This week’s happy hour drink sponsor is Orangina, a beverage with a special place in the heart of @AnythingIan.

Today we are going to talk about high level content strategy. First, it’s worth taking a look at Karol’s notes from reading Turning Pro. Many of you know I’m a huge War of Art fan, and I just got started with Turning Pro today based on Karol’s suggestion.

“The amateur allows his worth and identity to be defined by others. The amateur craves third-party validation.”

Ouch that’s harsh! In this episode we’ll explore strategies content marketers can employ to avoid the amateur trap.

Listen to this episode and learn:

  • Why the advice to “cut out distractions” it’s often good-hearted but misguided advice that will land you in amateur-land.
  • One of the most important tactics to employ (especially for really smart people).
  • Thoughts on creating a compelling body of work (and why that’s the new branding).
  • A hot new format for podcasters (that could be an opportunity in and of itself).
  • And how to develop a trustworthy track record even if you haven’t had any big wins yet.

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