TMBA277: How Does Location Independence Affect Relationships and Families?

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I’m in the beautiful South Philippines today and in this very location last year, I met today’s guests, Paul and Becky Kortman. The Kortmans are a big family with a unique story. Paul runs his own digital marketing agency called Connex Social. Last year they sold their house and 90% of their belongings and decided to hit the road. They ended up taking 25 flights and visiting over 30 different locations. We’re gonna talk about how location independence effects family, relationships and business. We’ll also discuss how they rebounded from losing 90% of their revenue, and what the experience was like traveling with a six person family around the world.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why they decided to sell everything and take a six month adventure.
  • What Paul and Becky did to prepare their family to adjust to this new lifestyle.
  • Why they believe that this experience is healthy for their children.
  • How they adjusted to losing 90% of their revenue and what they would have done differently in retrospect.
  • What is different about traveling with children and how their kids feel about being location independent.
  • What kind of educational options are available for location independent parents.

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Paul, Becky, Alia, Josiah, Thys, and Zander

Paul, Becky, Alia, Josiah, Thys, and Zander

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