TMBA263: Building Low-Risk Software Startups

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I’m in Bangkok this week, getting set up for DC BKK and I was very excited to run into our good friend David Hehenberger from and His products help marketers drive conversions from their WordPress sites. This is really a full-circle moment for us, as David used to edit the show in the early days of our podcast and work directly with us on a variety of projects. We’re gonna be talking with David about how he got his software company off the ground, how difficult it really is to develop a software product, and the challenges of working within the WordPress ecosystem.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How David decided to get into developing software products.
  • What attracted David to the WordPress platform for his SAAS business.
  • The importance of market research during the formative stages of your business.
  • The benefits of taking a “stair step” approach to growth.
  • Why usability IS the product when it comes to software designs.
  • What David would do differently if he were building the product today.

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David and I Talking Software in Bangkok

David and I Talking Software in Bangkok

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