TMBA 104 (LBP94) – 6 Financial Secrets of Lifestyle Business Ballers

Dan taking in the view after dirt biking into the jungle

Even though Dan & Ian’s travel adventures in the Philippines are winding down for now, they’ll be back.

The folks they’ve been able to hang out with the past few weeks are straight ballin’, entrepreneurs and business owners with at least six figures kicking around in an account or five. Whether they’re hobnobbing with the Vice President of the Philippines or dirt biking through the jungle, they’ve been absorbing all the advice these guys have to offer.

It isn’t all yachts and big payout investments though.

In this episode learn the 6 Financial Secrets that Dan & Ian have gathered from their conversations and observations. Things like:

  • How To Handle Your Mindset Like a Poker Player
  • Avoiding Itchy Feet and “I Finally Have Money” Euphoria
  • Having a Solid Fall Back Position
  • Supply, Demand, and Running Out of Stock
  • What Should You Borrow Against?
  • Dinari, Florida Swampland, and Other “No-Fail” Investments

Listener Questions:

Go-Carting Through The Mud

  • George asks: You mention all the time about making cold calls to clients. How do you find these clients to make the cold calls to? I have a product that I know I can sell a decent amount of units a month on eBay and Amazon. com. Yet what I want to do is find companies who are willing to buy this product at a larger scale. How did you guys find the companies to talk with and is there a script that you used for cold calls.
  • Ryan asks: If you were going to do a weekend project and build a brand new, easily scalable business model (that could be run from anywhere), what would be your first choice? Also, do you have any tips on how to cure shiny object syndrome?
  • From last week, Benjamin from vLighthouse followed up with: One thing I was NOT expecting though was having my Google Analytics “traffic surge alert” triggered twice now.  You sent a ton of traffic to my site!  THANK YOU GUYS SO FREAKIN’ MUCH.  <– no exclamation point necessary
  • Scott Galbraith from Akaliko Skateboards asks: As I am starting to build contact lists of potential or past customers that come through my websites, I am wondering the best way to manage and market to these people are.
Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

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Episode length: 38:18


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