TMBA 658: Let’s Talk Fish And Ponds

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We’ve received some great email responses prompted by last week’s episode ‘The Europe Question’. So on today’s show Dan and Ian will be reflecting on some of those comments.

They’ll also be mulling over a recurring dilemma posed by a listener, one which is very much in their minds as they grow ‘Dynamite Jobs’:

“David and Goliath or Dynamite Jobs versus .. At one time you mentioned how just hearing the word Indeed gave you anxiety, maybe excitement …  (this) resonated with me. My partner and I are currently building a software product that will likely go head to head with some fairly big names, and they have at least a decade head start on us …

The only thing that keeps me going back is that I’ve spent the past decade in entrepreneurship, always staying in safe little buckets of protected small niches .. Small niches are often easier to start but are easier to hit a ceiling in terms of market size. Having experienced growing our businesses to the upper limits of the markets we’re in, we have our eyes on the bigger prize where the bigger players are players that really know what they’re doing”.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How European tax regimes may discourage productivity and creativity
  • The joys of cities where you can safely walk and cycle
  • The challenges and opportunities of going up against big players
  • Sugar vs Vegetable income options

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