TMBA 118 (LBP107) – How To Compete With Free And Not Fight Downhill

Reunited and it feels so good.

Dan and Ian are together again at the infamous Badladz Resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines. This week they are joined by special guest Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure who will be working with the first group of folks here for the TMBA Start-up Summer project. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for updates about these guys, their projects, and our Start-up Summer.

This week they got a question from Shayna at I run a website that teaches English as a Second Language, and I feel like I’m competing with the zillions of pages all over the internet. I’m having trouble pricing my products for a global audience and trying to compete with all the free sites out there.

The most important thing about competing with free products when you’ve got something quality to offer is that you will always be fighting downhill when you do that. No one wants to fight downhill…you usually fall. Instead fight uphill and you’ll find it much easier.

How Do You Compete With Free and Not Fight Downhill?

Listener Justin Gordon listens to the LBP from Maui

  • Make It Cost Neutral – Sell the value proposition: Will it return my investment and then some?
  • Bundle Services with Information – Offer the product free then up-sell services (webinar, course, consults, etc.)
  • Don’t Compete With Free – BMW doesn’t compete with Kia. Go for the high end of the market
  • Change The  Content Delivery Platform – Change the format your content is delivered in – or just re-purpose it totally


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Episode length: 19:23


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