TMBA 139 (LBP123) – Getting To Five Years On A Business Trajectory

Do you know where you were and what you were doing five years ago this week?

Dan and Ian heading out to Puerto Galera for the next TMBA session

Five years ago (October 2nd, 2007 to be exact) Dan and Ian were sitting at brunch when Dan got a notification on his original iPhone that they had gotten paid for their first product sale.

Sure, there were some problems. Like the fact that they didn’t actually have a manufactured product to ship out at the time of the sale. But that email was the confirmation they needed.

Starting that day they set their sights on a business trajectory that has taken them five years, multiple product lines, 10+ employees, world-wide travel destinations, a publishing venture, private mastermind community, and top iTunes podcast into the future.

Some of the top lessons they learned along the way?

  • They still remember the time when there were just two kids with a dream
  • Ship. Got doubt? Ship anyway. Even if it is on Yahoo Site Builder
  • Practice Exceptional Customer Service (Those three customers that bought product that wasn’t quite completed yet? Still customers today)
  • “Entrepreneurs don’t take loans ‘like that'”
  • Trajectory – There is so much importance behind the trajectory that you choose
  • Find a peer group or mastermind. Can’t? Create one.
  • Take time to look back and celebrate it all – Happy Five Years!

Elisa waiting for the record button to be hit

Also, learn how Dan drove the hottest ride San Diego has ever seen when he first got back from Asia.

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Episode length: 17:37


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