TMBA 141 (LBP125) – How to Avoid your Entrepreneurial Blindspots – Dan’s Stick-On Mirror Theory

After two weeks in Puerto Galera with the October TMBA session, Dan and Ian celebrated Dan’s birthday in style at the classic Filippino restaurant TGIFriday’s and then curled up under a staircase in the Mall of Asia to bring this episode to you.

Ian, after an intense couple weeks at the TMBA

Having done three sessions with various TMBA participants and being asked weekly similar questions from folks starting their own businesses, they’ve come to notice some consistent things that happen with every new business owner. The good news is that these are generally fixable, you just need to know how to adjust your mirrors.

What Are The Five Entrepreneurial Blind Spots in Nearly Every Starting Business?

  • Why you are being a wimp
  • I…I…I…Want…Want….Want
  • Your spreadsheets matter – and they don’t
  • Are you using the relationships in your life?
  • Repeat after us: Product. Market. Fit

Also, listen to find out why Ian rides in the cut in his ghetto entrepreneur-mobile


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Episode length: 22:22


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