TMBA286: An Audio Response to Alex Blumberg and Gimlet Media’s “Startup” Podcast

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Ian, Taylor Pearson and myself can’t stop listening to Alex Blumberg‘s new podcast called Startup. If you haven’t heard it yet, go check it out! If you listen to a lot of podcasts or radio at all, you’ve probably heard Alex’s work on shows like This American Life and Planet Money. We decided we wanted to create an episode that would serve as a companion piece to this fantastic series. The three of us are talking about how the show inspired us, what we see as the ironies in the venture capital world, the distinctions between being and artist and an entrepreneur, and what this series represents in the podcasting world.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why so many people are starting their businesses by telling their stories.
  • What you can learn by being transparent about your business to the outside world.
  • Why it pays to be disagreeable as an entrepreneur.
  • What we have learned from listening to the series and what we would have done differently.
  • Why seeking venture capital is not the answer for everybody who wants to start a business.
  • The benefits of hiring a location independent staff.

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