TMBA 150 (LBP130) – How to Be a Happy Sociopath

Dan has adopted the Tim Ferriss book writing method and isolated himself from everything except Evernote. Ian on the other hand is tearing it up in San Diego and prepping for a motorcycle race.

In this week’s episode, Dan and Ian explore the benefits of being a “sociopath” (it’s not what it sounds like). Inspired by a Ribbonfarm post from Venkat, they discuss the relationship between sociopaths, the clueless, and the losers.

How to Be a Happy Sociopath

  • What are the time, money, and relationship management traits of a sociopath?
  • Why becoming a sociopath means breaking rules, defining your own path, and not being a loser anymore.
  • How to define your time usage to create the outcomes you want in life.
  • Why you might want to wear the same clothes everyday. (Hint: You’d be in good company).
  • A 3 step plan to financial sociopathy.
  • Learn whether you’re defining your relationships or letting them define you.


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Episode length: 29:41


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