TMBA 114 (LBP103) – The Hero Skillset and Why No One Likes A Sell Out

Dan goes back to his roots tearing up Vietnam while Ian gets multi-cultural by voice-overing one of the funniest Italian accents in iTunes podcasting history.

This week the guys got an email from an eager and ambitious listener, Skyler: I’m extremely passionate about entrepreneurship, however, I’ve found that it can be hard to find the right opportunities. So while I have the passion, I don’t think I have the necessary skills or experience at this point. One of my goals is to work for you guys at some point, so I just wanted to find out if there’s any one skill that I should try to develop over the next year or two?

The guys chewed on the question for a couple days. What are they looking for in employees and contractors? What skill is any entrepreneur looking for in employees and contractors? At the end of all that thinking (and a bit of a Vietnamese food coma) they found 5 skillsets that will be vital to anyone looking to hustle their way to a life of freedom and opportunity.

What Are The Top 5 Skillsets To Have In 2012?

  • Writing – Honestly, it’s not hard to be a writer. Just ask anyone who says they are a writer.
  • Developer with Design Sensibility – Having to go between two people to get this done is a total pain.
  • Industrial Designer or Engineer – Those portable bars don’t just get thrown together in a factory somewhere!
  • Internet Marketing – Not in the spammy “Make Money Teaching People To Make Money” way.
  • The Hero Skillset – Your vision has to matter.

Listener Questions/Comment:

  • What about helpful locals? When are they being helpful and when are they looking for money? What about pretty girls? – Jonathan Roseland
  • I have a serious hang up that is stopping me from being successful in my business, and I think its one that affects a ton of entrepreneurs.  Its the belief that they or their product is not valuable and not worth people spending hard earned money on it. Kind of a belief that making money should be hard for me because it is hard for others. – Jake


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