TMBA Pool Party Wrap Up

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Thanks to the McKeegan family, who run an exceptional business preparing expat tax returns, for one of the coolest housewarming gifts I’ve ever seen. We are working on mounting our custom wood carving at the TMBA house this week…

I’m posting today to say thank you to everyone who invested their time to come visit us at our first TMBA pool party. I had so much fun. For me, it’s not so common to have so many bright people with similar mindsets get together. I had a wonderful afternoon.

I’m also excited that we are able to keep tracking with each other– 8 members from the inner circle attended.

Next week, we’ll be opening the group to 42 new members. Make sure you are on the mailing list if you are interested in joining our private online group for internet entrepreneurs. One of our major focuses in the coming months will be hosting more in-person meetings (there was a Bangkok meetup last week as well!) and getting more people together on the telephone (where business gets done…)

I’m working on the overview page this week so you can have a better idea if it’s a good fit for you.

All in all I think 25 people came by and 17 pizzas were consumed. Not bad!

I’m already planning the next one!


Stacey nice flower!

Vlad is part of the Dynamite Circle, he Flew in From China

DCers Tommy Schultz and David McKeegan

Toffler Lives Where Her Backpack Is. LIKE A BOSS.

Aamir, Simon, and David currently Running Projects from the TMBA House

Looking forward to next time...