Interested in Joining the TMBA Team? We’re Hiring a Community Facilitator.

Hey all-

What a year.

For many of us who run online businesses it’s been crazy busy – whether we’re rebuilding, pivoting, or dealing with increased demand. We’ve seen a little bit of each so far. We’ll be sharing some business updates on this week’s podcast.

Bottom line is we need some help! We’re looking to bring another bright mind into our growing team.

If you know anyone who would be a good fit for the role of community facilitator for the DC we’d love to hear from them. It’s tough but rewarding work.

I’ll post the top of the job add here, the full post is over at Dynamite Jobs.





Dynamite Circle is Hiring Remotely

Now Hiring: Remote Community Facilitator and Membership Site Administration for a Global Group of Entrepreneurs

We are seeking a community facilitator to help facilitate our private forum (over 1,000 members), our virtual masterminds (a large percentage of our members participate in bi-monthly phone calls), and global meetups (typically we host nearly 20 events annually). You’ll be tasked with helping conceive of and execute programs to assist our members in connecting with each other and growing stronger location independent businesses.

Established in 2011, The Dynamite Circle is a long-standing private community for 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs who build (largely) location independent businesses with a wide variety of models including marketing and professional services, agencies, software, and eCommerce. Many of our members and event guests are pioneers in the online business space.

Dynamite Circle is Hiring Remotely

We host dozens of events around the world for our community members. Above just a few of the countless memories and connections made.


You can read the entire job post here.