TMBA 161 (LBP138) – How The Pros Generate Winning Business Ideas

During this week’s installment of the Lifestyle Business Podcast, Dan and Ian hook up from Jakarta and Bali to provide the weekly dose you crave.  When discussions range from medical examinations in South East Asia to announcements for the DC Berlin meetup, you know there’s a little something for everybody in here.

The boys share some of the lowest points of their 1,000 day business journey, how they ‘stumbled’ across some of their most profitable products and why the products themselves are only half of the battle.  While fielding listener questions, you’ll hear again and again about the top method of building a skillset and launching a business to solve problems in the market. Listen in to hear what this concept of success is and how you can tap into it.

Huslin’ Up Some Biznass

  • The optimal method for getting started with online advertising.
  • Game changing advice from Dan and Ian in direct response to listener questions.
  • How to know when you need to ditch a losing product – and when to stick with it.
  • Why the world needs more ‘tastemakers’ instead of an information pushers.
  • How writing a book is a far better insight into a person than blogs, tweets or posts.



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Episode length: 28:06


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