TMBA 189 (LBP157) – How to “Monetize” a Blog or Podcast

Dan and Ian dive into a question that has been asked by millions ever since the advent of blogging and more recently podcasting.  They also address one of the core issues behind the basic question that separates those looking for a quick buck, and those looking to build a cashflow business.

Click play above to hear Dan and Ian’s 5 step approach to conquer the question, “How do I monetize my blog?” You may be surprised with their answer since it’s not what you’ll find on WikiHow or advice you’ll see in internet marketing circles.

Are You in Biz, or Business?

  • Why you need to think big, but act small when you’re getting started.
  • Dan’s 100 email litmus test and how you should be implementing it for your blog and online business.
  • How focusing on the people in your audience that have skin in the game will open up doors and save headaches.
  • Why it’s vital to generate what Dan calls footflow and how that can turn into cashflow down the road.


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Episode length: 26:50


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