TMBA 134 (LBP117) – Flexing Your Hustle Muscle And Hacking A Job

Dan and Ian spent a fair amount of time (ok…they spent a session) learning Crossfit from Joe Bauer in the Philippines during the recent Tropical MBA session. After they managed to drag themselves back to the microphone, they realized there was some techniques to work out on the LBP.

CrossFit burpees at TMBA

The thing with starting a biznass is that it isn’t all rainbows and puppies. There’s some heavy lifting that you have to do to get that baby off the ground, and we’re not talking reps with a tropical umbrella drink. Sure, everyone wants the 4-Hour Work Week, but you gotta put in the work to make that happen.

Wanna Flex Your Hustle Muscle And Hack A Job?

  • Know What You’re Gonna Do Before You Do It
  • Stop Teaching Beginners (Unless You’ve Got One Of Two Things Going For You)
  • Find An Expert Status Model That Works
  • Bartenders Everywhere Are Serving Up Drinks With A “Booyah”
  • Intrepreneurship Is More Than Corporate Synergy Speak
Listener Testimonials

Yamile on Continent #3 (Colombia, South America)

The LBP and the DC community have literally transformed my life. I never miss an episode of the podcast as it has taught me more than any of the 4 colleges (in 3 countries) I attended, especially about international business strategies like offshore incorporation and banking. Dan and Ian are the real deal. They know their stuff and also make me laugh a lot :-)

And the DC is just plain awesome! Before I led a pretty lonely entrepreneurial life but since I joined the DC I have a worldwide network of fellow entrepreneurs to connect with. So far I’ve met DC members in 4 cities on 3 continents, joined a DC mastermind group and found new business opportunities. There simply is no better business community out there. – Yamile Yemoonyah, Creative Web Biz

Listener Questions

  • I feel like I’m lacking some of the entrepreneurial skills. Maybe I lack that hustle muscle – not that pumped about making cold calls. But here’s the good news: I only need to make $2400 a month in order for me to deem this a success and for me to get to the lifestyle I desire. I wanna do that through reading, writing, and publishing content on the web because I’m web savvy and I love information. Any help you can give? – Eddy D
  • You guys mentioned hacking your job once in the podcast and I’d love to hear more about that — hard to find resources online. – Chris


Just The Tips

  • Universal Global Tip – Don’t Get Ripped Off
  • Ben Folds – Hiroshima

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Episode length: 16:13


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