I Can’t Itemize the Important Stuff

I’ve been blabbing on for weeks about how I’m going to share the “nuts and bolts” of what we are doing at the Tropical MBA. I am just talking a lot of junk.

Here’s the truth: I’m not even talking nuts and bolts with Sean.

How can I possibly talk nuts and bolts with you!

Sean and I barely talked about Adwords. SEO. Copywriting. Drupal. WordPress. Outsourcing. Blah blah. Asleep yet?

Don’t get me wrong. You need the nuts and bolts, but they are easy to get.

The hard part is pulling it all together. The hard part is building relationships. The hard part is believing in and seeing something that nobody else sees– and then taking a leap to go for it.

The hardest part was getting on that plane.

So what did Sean, myself, and Ian talk about? We talked about our aspirations. We talked about our principles. We talked about why we are willing to work this year. We discussed how we are going to make sure it counts, for everyone.

Adwords is easy. Pushing on, taking that leap, and growing a great business is freakin’ hard. One thing I’m sure of, Sean is up for it. That’s what this month has been about.

Other updates:

Our trip in Thailand has been so much freakin’ fun. Not only was everyone in great party spirits, but we were all stoked about the changes we are going through and the challenges on our plate. Starting this blog and the Lifestyle Business Podcast had such a huge impact on our time in Thailand as we got to meet all kinds of interesting people who really helped to make this trip an exceptional experience. Thanks to all of our new friends, @irishpolyglot, @manvsdebt, @codymckibb, @bizbackpacker, @saiiiir, @nomadicneil, among many others. This was my first every social media enhanced vacation and it was such an incredible experience.

During our time in Thailand, Ian and I recorded two podcasts in the same room. If you like audio content, you might like:

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