TMBA 034 (LBP34) – 5 Principles That Work for us That the Internet Marketing Gurus Can’t Sell

Part of the reason Ian and I love Gary Vee so much is that he talks about some basic business fundamentals that don’t get brought up by many online business gurus. The two biggest things that have made us money? Hustle, and getting on the damn phone. <—- watch this awesome Gary Vee cold call video. This episode is about the dirty side of building a lifestyle business– we bring up 5 more “alternative” principles that have helped us to get our business off the ground that you aren’t going to hear from the gurus.

I briefly touch on an issue I want to flesh out a bit more in future episodes– “cost free travel.” I hate when my peanut brain tries to drag me in to an office in order to be productive or make some money. I want to be on planes, boats, and buses to exotic locations to meet with awesome people AND be making money while I’m doing it. I had an experience this weekend that makes me believe I’m getting there, more on that soon….

After that, we dedicate a full 7 minutes plus to Ian’s first run at a used car guide. For many entrepreneurs, transport makes up WAY TO MUCH of your yearly budget, and Ian is an absolute ninja at keeping those costs in line. If you are a car owner, we are hoping his guide to budget used car buying can be of some use. Enjoy! Get in touch if you have any questions on comments for the next Episode!

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Here’s some quick shots from my 4 day (!) cost-free “weekend.”