Join Our Team – Seeking a Business Development Apprentice – Work Remotely

We’re hiring.

One of the best things about this blog is being able to come here from time to time and put out a call for help.

It’s an exciting prospect. What new ideas and energy can an outsider bring to our business?

Over the years we’ve written more job ads than I can remember, although I was recently reminded of our very first when reading Alasdair’s blog. Of working with us he wrote:

My freedom at work grew with my responsibilities. I had my own team. I set my own schedule. I took time off to travel when I wanted. I set company policy and introduced new initiatives. I built a business I wanted to be a part of and I was paid well to do it.

Whenever I got good at my work I stopped doing it. I delegated it, hired someone to do it or automated it. Each time I put myself out of a job it terrified me. 

Does that sound like something you’d like to say about your work? Are you willing to challenge yourself – to do emotionally difficult work – to grow a meaningful business? Do you love community, dealmaking, and working directly with entrepreneurs to help make their goals a reality?

We’re seeking someone with an exceptional work ethic and ambition to grow through the quality of their work.

This position is full-time and remote (i.e. work from home). Some travel will be required.

If you know anyone that would be good for this position, I’d love for you to forward this blog post to them.

Thank you!

Dan on behalf of the DC Team


Business Development Apprentice

The Dynamite Circle aka “the DC” (related: is seeking an ambitious team member to improve and expand services to their members and community. The DC is a community of internet-based entrepreneurs that was established in 2011. It has since grown to 1200 members worldwide. Our members have hosted events on 6 continents and meet in 20 cities worldwide on a monthly basis. 250 of us will meet in Bangkok this October for the 6th year in a row.

We’re seeking someone with the courage and energy to do the work that helps our business and community grow. We recorded this special 20 minute podcast, where we’ll share more about what kind of person we are looking for and how you can join the team here at the TropicalMBA.

You’ll work directly with the founders and the team. You’ll have visibility of every functional area of an established online business. Your goal is to improve and expand member services using all the tools available to you. We expect someone who can take the lead, who is high-energy, ambitious, and can learn on the fly. You should be well-versed in internet technology and know your way around a sales funnel, but you understand that the important deals get done on the phone and in-person. You have a track record of creating meaningful connections and collaborations with exceptional individuals. We are curious to hear you speak of your work in terms of results you’ve created.

You must be resourceful and nimble. You’ll not only be tasked with developing a strategic vision for your work, but you must have the ability to roll up your sleeves and implement it.

Although the job will be challenging and difficult, the rewards will also be sizable. Among our membership are some of the brightest minds in the entrepreneurial world, and you’ll work directly with them. When we work well, we have the opportunity to create magic and positively change the lives of others.

About you:

• You have have the confidence to take the lead and create results for a growing business.
• You’re a natural at staying on top of and managing many dynamic relationships.
• You’re a natural leader and a great listener.
• You get energy from meeting people and talking business and ideas.
• Got 10 client calls today? No problem.
• You are relatively tech-savvy. You should be familiar with WordPress, Slack, Skype and Google apps.


• You are just as comfortable sharing critical feedback as you are at receiving it; you’re able to sustain focused critical thought.
• You’re comfortable working with a remote team.
• You are able to work during U.S. and European timezones.
• You’re ambitious and believe through hard work and a good network you can change the trajectory of your career for the better.

Some perks:

• A highly visible position with exceptional customers. Your work will be on display.
• Your creative energy can and will be transferred directly into results for our members.
• Work with a flexible and motivated team with the ability to tie results in the organization directly to your actions.
• Flexible work hours. Need to run an errand, hit the gym midday or watch your kid’s soccer game on a Wednesday afternoon? No problem.
• Speaking of travel – we don’t track vacation days. Take as many as you need.


• This is a remote, contract position, and will start with a 3 month trial period.
• We give preference to those with a base in the U.S., Canada or Europe.
• Compensation is based on experience.

Interested? Here’s how to apply.

Fill out the job application here.
• The deadline to apply is Friday September 29th.

If you have questions you need answered before you apply, you can contact Admin at Dynamite Circle dot com.

Thanks for your interest,

Dan and Ian behalf of the DC Team

PS, if you’re interested in this position check out this related podcast episode.