TMBA 160 (LBP137) – The Kamikaze Sample and 5 Other Online Marketing Stunts

It’s Dan and Ian coming to you from Bali once again this week.  They’ve been working on some hot projects coming down the pipeline and getting everything ramped up for the DC Berlin meetup.  If you think that’s exciting, wait until you hear what they’ve got in store for you during this week’s episode.

Dan and Ian go kamikaze this week with six marketing stunts designed to get you and you’re product or service some eyeballs.  They share their first hand accounts of how these tactics have worked for them, and how you can rip, pivot and jam your way to a bump in website traffic.

Purple Cow or Kamikaze Marketer

  • One sure method of creating a spectacle in your target market.
  • How your website can ride other people’s traffic waves.
  • Why building an “Invisible List” can multiply your marketing efforts.
  • How Google Forms can save the day in you’re business.
  • The “Double Tap” approach to real in reluctant clients.


Just The Tips

  • Google Forms

The Jam:

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Have fun. Leave a comment. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 24:02


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