TMBA385: To Headquarter or Not to Headquarter?

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Generally speaking, Dan and Ian aren’t exactly fans of having a physical office. This is due, in large part, to the complications and difficulties that come with renting these kinds of spaces.

Today’s guest is going to attempt to change their opinion.

Amol Sarva is the founder of Knotel, a startup based in New York City that offers “Headquarters on Demand”. Their model draws inspiration from some practices commonly used in the hospitality industry – and they’ve had some tremendous success.

In this episode, Amol talks about his philosophies on offices, how Knotel came to be and his vision for the future of workplaces for startups.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What Knotel is and what problems they solve for their customers. (2:15)
  • The difference between “foxes” and “hedgehogs”. (5:50)
  • How Knotel’s users are reacting to the evolution of the company. (12:24)
  • What practices Knotel has borrowed from the hospitality industry. (19:12)
  • Amol’s vision for the future of office space. (24:05)

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