TMBA 243: The “Knowledge Gap” Fallacy

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Last week, we put out a challenge for listeners to email us there “1000 True Fans” business plan– what they are going to be doing for their clients, how they are doing it differently than other providers, what they are delivering, and the prices that they are planning to charge. We got a ton of responses! Some were great, and some were problematic in our view. Among those, we tried to determine the most common mistakes being made. Bossman also predicts the collapse of our business somewhere in there! Hope you enjoy and happy Thursday!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The difference between filling “knowledge” gaps, and filling “efficiency” gaps in the marketplace.
  • Why you need to have the confidence to focus on the premium end of the marketplace.
  • The importance of understanding the overall landscape of the market you are in.
  • Why you should focus on being “The Matador”, and not “The Bull”.
  • The implications of Alibaba filing for an IPO and why Ian thinks it’s going to change everything.

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