TMBA309: “Though We’ve Hit Over 100k MRR in Less Than a Year, I Still Feel Like an Outsider”

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“I’m from Texas and ‘this ain’t my first Rodeo’” was Laura Roeder’s opener to her DCBKK 2015 keynote speech in which she described how the inspiration for building her successful company came from her frustration with the existing software she’d had to work with in her career in marketing.

In this episode Laura also talks to Dan and Ian about why she wanted to create a business that could still grow whilst she took time off to travel and start a family and her commitment to location independent working.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why MeetEdgar proved such an attractive business model for Laura. (4:31)
  • How Laura’s parents influenced her as an entrepreneur. (9:13)
  • The difficulties in giving up control of parts of your business. (12:08)
  • Why marrying a software developer is a shrewd move. (4:45)
  • The advantages of hiring location independent staff. (13:50)
  • The impact of Scott Dinsmore’s death. (22:12)

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