TMBA 037 (LBP37) – 5 Listener Questions about Location Independence and Business

I’ve been spending so much time responding to emails it finally dawned on me that I could respond with a podcast. WOW. Sometimes I am slow. That’s the new policy. In most cases we’ll answer questions that can benefit the whole community. Not only is this more valuable to everyone listening to the show, but I’m sure it will work out well for the person asking the question as well. I have opinions, but I’m absolutely certain that our collective audience knows way more about these issues than me alone. I just proofed parts of this episode and there are even things in there I could phrase a totally different way or see from a different angle– I’m sure there are some things in there we are just flat WRONG about… that’s gonna happen a lot. I’m cool with being wrong– its way better than not publishing a podcast. Enjoy the show !

We’ve made a lot of broad sweeping generalizations about entire countries in this episode. I’m interested to hear your opinions about some of these questions….

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Big Pool

Playing With Boats in Subic Bay

Driving in the Philippines, Just North of Manila

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