TMBA 038 (LBP38) – How to Lose Weight and Make Money Online

Yeah buddy welcome back to another episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast, got a little hung up there on timing we’ve been doing a lot of traveling and have been VERY busy with visitors, investments, and having a little fun too! In this episode Ian and I break one of our social standards– in general we are very AGAINST unsolicited critical feedback (UCF!) but we had a nice discussion talking about Dallas Carter’s great website. None of this applies to Dallas necessarily because there are plenty of business reasons why he might be doing what he’s doing or he could just be busy like the rest of us, but we thought it was fun to discuss a website on air so we broke the rule. We love to receive UCF so if you wanna send us some lovin’ feel free to drop some bombs in the comments. We talk about tons of other stuff in this episode and plow through as many listener questions as we could and still get out under the 30 minute mark. If you want to ask us a question or have us take a peak at your website, don’t be shy we’ll probably get back to you! Good times:)

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Ian Goes to Central Park, Looks Cool!

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***I also contributed to the “ASK HN” thread, here’s my response on my favorite podcast FYI:

Love this thread found some new podcasts I haven’t heard of before. Ever since I started my own business podcasts have taken over completely from movies and tv as my primary source of entertainment. Here are my favorites:

  1. The Adam Carolla Podcast – Its not heavy material (this is my daily candy entertainment) but I marvel at how well Adam communicates and improvs– he’s been doing radio for over 10 years and he’s the most consistently funny improv guy I’ve ever heard– he constructs some pretty complicated comic maneuvers in real time, like call-backs and alliterative rhymes and stuff… anyway the guy is a mench
  2. This Week in Start-Ups – I think @jason ‘s podcast is the currently the best consistently produced business related entertainment on the web (second is now defunct UK version of Kitchen Nightmares by Gordon Ramsay, watch out you might get addicted) sometimes interview podcasts can frustrate you with their non-sequitor randomness but this show involves experienced high-level tech entrepreneurs in pitch reviews, business advice, and news commentary. There are also some pretty awesome narratives to the show, like Jason getting in random fights, confronting celebrities, calling out other entrepreneurs, and starting businesses on the show. GREAT stuff.
  3. Fresh Air – The most entertaining and insightful interview podcast I’ve come across. Terry Gross interviews people who do interesting shaz and she asks really damn good questions.
  4. Mixergy – Andrew Warners show is like entrepreneurial popcorn, its fun to hear what other folks are up to. Andrew pretty much seems like the nicest guy ever and is really good at pulling out interesting stories from his guests.
  5. This American Life – Finds SUPER interesting stories, tells them awesomely, and from time to time if you are alone in your car you might pop out a tear or two. Very pro.
  6. Internet Business Mastery – The content might be a little beginner level form many HN users, but if you are just getting started marketing an internet based business, these guys have some really professionally produced episodes (100 now) that walk you through every single aspect of setting up a blog based marketing type business. Not much start up or tech info, but lots of good mindset and basic business 101 stuff. This really helped me out when I was making the transition to quit my job.