TMBA306: Listener Mailbag: The Aftermath

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A lot of our Podcast listeners write into us with questions. We’ve decided on this week’s episode to play a round of TMBA Mailbag. Ian and I are going to take some time to answer a slew of questions from our listeners including whether we are planning on taking a break after selling our business, how selling your business can affect a marriage-model business partnership, plus a few more thoughts on what it takes to attract A Players to your business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How our lives have changed in the past few weeks since selling our business.
  • What it means to find “your people”.
  • Why Ian has switched to using Safari as his main browser.
  • One move in our business that had an unexpected positive outcome.
  • Why you should be reviewing your business partnerships every few years.
  • Why it is important to have prepare for success with your business partner early on.

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