TMBA 140 (LBP124) – How Marketing Beats Sales and Why Capacity Is A Number With James Schramko

Coming to you live from Badladz Resort in the Philippines, complete with patented LBP cafe noise and janky wi-fi upload speeds.

James Checking Out The LBP From A Tropical Location

This week Dan jumped on the phone with the man, the myth, the Aussie legend in content marketing and helping customers online, James Schramko of Super Fast Business and one of Dan’s new favorite podcasts Freedom Ocean. A super-sized episode that caused Dan to spend the past week to say to Ian “Did I tell you what Schramko told me? Have I told you about my interview with Schramko? James has this baller way of dealing with that.”

Needless to say Dan and Ian’s mancrushes run high – after listening to the interview you’ll develop a mind-crush too.

What Caused Dan To Fall Silent For Most Of The Interview As He Feverishly Jotted Down Notes?

  • How James doubled his business every year for 5 years in a row (sound familiar….)

    How James Builds His Syndication Machine

  • Are you losing valuable customers in your current short sales models?
  • Do you ever wish you had built your lifestyle business under one domain?
  • “Selling is what you have to do if you haven’t marketed properly”
  • Are you using this proven content syndication model (see the image to the right)
  • Building out your chocolate wheel

Also, listen to find out if you are doing the one thing with your staff that has revolutionized James’ 70+ team operation.

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Episode length: 44:54


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