TMBA254: A Framework for Creating Mastermind Events or Parties

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Having a mastermind group, and perpetuating a mastermind group, is a great way to handle some of the emotional struggles of having your own business. They are just as fun as a poker party, but they can change your life. Masterminds are the reason we started this podcast. We’ve done a lot of in-person masterminds, and they are a great way to grow a community and connect with your audience. This week, we’re talking about the power, the pitfalls, and the process of in-person masterminds.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The three different formats of masterminds that we have seen in our community.
  • The three biggest mistakes that people make with masterminds.
  • How we run our own mastermind groups successfully.
  • Our advice for entrepreneurs who want to throw their own private mastermind.
  • Why it is important to survey your attendees before a a meeting.

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Catching the Sunrise in the Philippines

Catching the Sunrise in the Philippines

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