TMBA336: Matt Farah on Breaking Through

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On today’s show Dan and Ian are digging deep into one of Bossman’s favorite things in the world: cats cars.

But, if you’re not a motorhead, have no fear. This episode is actually about the entrepreneurial journey of Matt Farah, a highly successful automotive journalist, who rose to fame through his YouTube channel, The Smoking Tire.

You’re going to hear the compelling story of how Matt started off by losing money, but then bootstrapped himself into the unique position that he’s in today.

OK … there is a little bit of car talk in there too.

Stay tuned until the very end to hear a bonus lightning round of nerdy automotive questions (including which vehicle Matt thinks has the very best sound system).


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Matt became passionate about cars and what led him to the path of automotive journalism. (5:14)
  • Why the internet pays in volume, not in quality. (14:14)
  • How Matt was able to turn a profit on his YouTube channel after five straight years of losing money. (18:36)
  • The differences between producing video content for the internet and traditional television. (27:12)
  • What Matt’s personal car collection looks like. (28:26)

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