TMBA256: Making Sense of Awards Points and Business Class Upgrades

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Bossman is on vacation this week, so I’ve invited my friend Erik Paquet from on to the show to talk all about mileage, point redemption, how to fly business class as often as possible and much more. In the Dynamite Circle, Erik is widely regarded as the go-to guy for travel hacking. We are also going to be discussing how he has been able to use his unique set of skills to launch a productized service business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

Rice Fields: Not So Paleo

Rice Fields: Not So Paleo

  • How travel incentive programs work and what the airlines are hoping you won’t do.
  • Why credit card signup bonuses are the one of most important facets of travel hacking.
  • How to use airline partnerships to leverage your existing points.
  • Why redeeming your points can be more challenging than accumulating them.
  • Some of the biggest ways that entrepreneurs aren’t capitalizing on their rewards programs.

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