TMBA Summit Wrap-up, Plus an Invitation to Join My Private Mastermind Group

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Live and work in Bali, Indonesia for free. Applications for TMBA VI and VII close Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 10:00PM EST.

Update: July 28th 2011: Please note my mastermind group is currently closed. Thanks. 

Join my private mastermind group…

My last call for people join my mastermind phone call got way more response than I expected. I thought a few dudes would write me an email, I’d toss them on the call and call it a day!

We ended up getting slammed with talented people… I really wanted to figure out a way to interact and talk eventually with everyone. (Timing wasn’t great either, I’ve been traveling a lot so it’s made it tough to get on the phone a lot).

We made a quick decision to switch software platforms to accommodate more people in our private mastermind group. We figure while we are at it, we should invite more people to check out what we’ve got going on.

Most of the entrepreneurs in the circle are separated by 1-2 degrees of partnership, friendship, or some other close-ish relationship. We have a strong emphasis in the group on meeting each other and starting weekly/monthly phone calls.

In other words, this is a group for people who are getting it done.

I’ll be giving out 25 spots to blog readers who qualify. The next level of membership will be paid, this is your last chance to get in for free.

Here are some requirements:

  • You must be living full time off of profits from your business.
  • Your business must depend on the internet in some fundamental way.
  • Exceptions will be made for those in serious bootstrap situations or those with high level skill sets.
  • You must be good at interacting with people who are further along than you. This is a group for givers, not leeches. We will moderate the heck out of it and remove people who cause problems.
  • Our focus here will be on “lifestyle businesses.” There will be a focus on people who are interested in generating great lifestyles and enjoy traveling and internationalizing their business via offshore incorporations, outsourced staff, and all that good stuff. We have a strong SEAsia bent in here, but that isn’t necessary. People interested in those regions might get more value from the group initially.

If you would like to be invited to the site, email [email protected] with answers to the following questions:

  • Tell me in 1 sentence + 1 URL what your business does.
  • Tell me in 1-2 sentences why you think you’d benefit from a mastermind group like this.
  • Tell me in 1-2 sentences what you believe you’ll bring to the table.
  • What is your phone number / Skype ID?

You can always check it out and if you don’t likely you can clear out to make room for our first 100 free members.

How did that TMBA Summit go?!

It went from “summit” to “party” fast! I had a fantastic time at the very first Tropical MBA meet-up. There is absolutely no question that we will regularly start having parties for our readers and listeners and all of their friends and family. It seems informally that we’ll have a lot of big hitters dropping by Bali in the next few months… there has been a lot of bluster from my internet market buddies about setting up their own villas. BOOYAH.

It was pretty nuts to have such a great group of entrepreneurs make the relatively time consuming journey to Badladz resort to meet new friends, get feedback on their businesses, and have one hell of a party. I was happy we were able to get everyone who attended some dedicated group feedback on their ventures.

One of the guys asked me what was my biggest takeaway from the TMBA Party?

Well, we got some really great feedback on our international banking plans… I mean really good (thanks to the gang from Shenzhen!)… and my second biggest take away was much simplier:

We need to have another party…. like ASAP! :D

And without further adieu, here’s the montage! I really wish we had somebody with some talent taking video footage. Next time!


Cheers from Manila,