TMBA 050 (LBP50) – A Naughty Way to Start Your Business for $300 – Part 2

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Today, Dan and Ian continue their discussion on how to finally get started with your business for $300 or less (part 1 here). After deciding on your product, you will learn how to line out your product in more detail, come up with a unique selling proposition  and test your product without actually producing it.

Dan & Ian also reveal a few naughty tricks that some of their friends used. Depending on your local laws, these tricks might be illegal. It’s your responsibility to check your laws. We do not encourage illegal activities.

This is the 50th anniversary episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast. Expect a lot more to come in 2011.

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The first 30 minutes will be content. After that (at 8:30), we open for any questions from the audience. Check out our first live broadcast: Sunday, Jan 16, 8pm PST.

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Listen to this episode.

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