TMBA 035 (LBP35) – 4 Things You Should Never Do in Your Business

Heya everyone– I gotta say I feel I am SUPER qualified to talk about stuff that you shouldn’t do in your business. I’ve made a million mistakes, and some of the stuff we bring up in this episode is so damn tricky for me I still can’t get it right.

I had a great time in Palawan this weekend– WOW what a place to visit, so quiet, so much to see and do and although there isn’t much of a tourism industry, its still very easy to make your way around. More on that on the next episode!

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Here’s some quick shots from my second 4 day weekend in a row. This time I went to (whisper it’s name!) Palawan.

The View As I Wrote this Post

Steve My Resort Owner Took Me on a Tour

Exploring the Back Roads on Motorcycle

Organic Sustainable Agriculture is Big in Palawan

Of Course we Took a Dip