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On a recent show Dan and Ian touched on ‘the lifestyle ladder’, and what different levels of personal wealth can mean in your life. Following that they received an interesting email from today’s guest Matt Paulson who today shares why he’s found that achieving substantial personal wealth raises fundamental questions about how you want to spend that money, especially in relation to assessing investment opportunities, raising a family and contributing to a community you value:

“My strategy is to create as normal of a childhood as possible for my children. So our house cost half a million dollars … I walk my kids to elementary school every morning. We fly private sometimes, we stay in fancier hotel rooms but the day to day is pretty normal .. I think if I can not set unrealistic expectations about what life is like when they’re young, they’ll carry over to when they’re adults”.

Dan and Ian also discuss the incredible opportunities opened up by the recently launched Open AI tool ChatGPT, and some exciting news about their latest product DC Scale, created out of their own frustrations establishing operational management systems within their own businesses.

Listen and Learn:

  • Assessing investment opportunities as you grow wealthier
  • Matt’s real estate strategy
  • Why Matt is contributing to a co-working incubator in his city
  • Lifestyle choices for raising a family with wealth

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