What I’m Doing Now

This is a now page. I’m writing it because the question I get most from readers, when we meet, is “what are you up to now?”

Until a few days ago I would joke that “my brains are scrambled from DCBKK.”

But here’s a real answer:

  • I’m working on the TMBA podcast. This is generally my top priority task on a week-to-week basis. We’re investing more than ever in the show’s production as we push through our 7th year on the air. There’s 4 of us working on it! Got a story you think we should cover? We welcome emails to our producer Jane at TropicalMBA.com.
  • We’re hiring someone to help us with the DC.  Part of the reason is that our community manger, Jessica Malnik, Ian, and myself have a lot of plans for our members in 2017 and we’ll need extra support. This is where we spend most time currently. It’s a location independent gig, and the deadline to apply is November 11th.
  • I’m riding my bike. In my first year on the bike, I competed in 3 events. Next year I plan to do many more, mostly in Europe. So I’ve hired a coach and set up shop in Chiang Mai for some ‘winter’ training. Chiang Mai is a hotspot for cyclists and entrepreneurs alike. Part of the reason why I love the sport (as someone in my mid-30’s) is that I can practice daily and, baring crashes, mostly avoid injuries. That was not the case for me with my other sporting loves (I’m looking at you, basketball).
  • We’re revamping TMBA to make it more useful. We haven’t made any updates to this site for years. It’s a mess to use and too hard to follow everything that’s happening below the blog. The team and I are aiming to sort that out by end of year.
  • Ian and I are aiming to … well, do more. But so far it’s just been a lot of really good talks. So, I’m having a lot of really good talks. :)

I’m answering comments too!



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