TMBA322: One For the Writers

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This week’s episode is one for the writers, bloggers and creators. Dan and Ian have invited Jodi Ettenberg on to the show this week. Jodi is the author of a blog called, and she makes a full time living as a writer. She recently gave the closing address at the TBEX conference, where she talked about what it takes to make a living writing full time. You’re going to hear why Jodi feels that strong narratives are so important, along with her views on the balance between making money, keeping your integrity and making great art. You’ll also hear her thoughts on how travel writing might develop over the next few years.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How food connected Jodi to the different cultures that she was traveling in. (4:21)
  • Some of the most important points from Jodi’s most recent keynote speech. (7:01)
  • The importance of focusing on the details of people’s lives. (8:30)
  • Why Jodi believes long form posts are ultimately more beneficial to people than shorter posts. (17:00)
  • How Jodi feels about the future of long-form blogging. (27:06)

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