TMBA 117 (LBP106) – Private Label Secrets Of Full-Time Income Bloggers

It is a sad day in the LBP world. After a year of pool parties, long nights of discussion and brainstorming on the deck, and countless DCers and LBP listeners visiting and crashing on our couches, the time has come to say good-bye to our Bali House (aka TMBA HQ). It’s been good times on the good old Jl Drupadi in Seminyak.

We’re not giving up the compound dream, though. In fact, it’s getting bigger. And Dan & Ian are on the lookout for a resort or 10+ private room compound to turn into TMBA HQ 2.0 for the upcoming year. If you have any leads let us know!

This week, after yet another 5-Star iTunes review showers the LBP with love, Dan & Ian decided it was high time to start sharing some of the secrets that has enabled them to become six-figure full-time income bloggers (much to Ian’s mixed elation and dismay). None of this is new stuff – but it will help you to be more effective with content.

What’s the most important private label secret? It’s about Social Media and SEO.

What Are The Other Private Label Secrets Of Full-Time Income Bloggers?

  • Rip, Pivot, Improve – Don’t engage in “Me Too!” blogging. Take a concept and make it better.
  • Do The Work In Front Of Me – When I see you do the work, I’ll trust you to do it for me
  • Trusting Prospect Value (TPV) – Are you playing small ball or are you digging deep in offering content that is worth more?
  • Ask Your Readers To Move Early In The Game – And See If They Move – Get off your blog and get interacting with your audience – hustle the party
  • Remember The Silent Majority – Don’t write for your Tweeters. Content watered down for other publishers is for chumps.
  • Be Timely – Stand strong. Declare trends. Know what’s happening RIGHT NOW
  • Ignore Everybody – The money is in how people trust you and what they trust you to do – it isn’t in the list/course/analytics/shares.


Just The Tips

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 37:03


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